Testimonial 62 - Presentation Training - Michael Leswick

I thought you might be interested that I had the opportunity to act as MC for an internal group conference last week with two thousand colleagues in the audience. It felt amazing and I received tons of positive feedback. 

I just thought I should let you know that our work has had a really positive impact on my career.  While I was appropriately nervous before the show I was able to use some of the tips and tactics I learned from you to do a really solid job.  Thank you!

- VP Canadian Bank

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Copy of Testimonial 14

Hands down the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding internal training course I've attended.  Active engagement was maintained by the instructors for the entire duration of the training - this was due to very effective and relevant facilitation, stimulating content and challenging expectations for personalized application of the learning principles during the session.  Excellent course.”

- Infrastructure Ontario

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Testimonial 49

"It is not easy to coordinate personalities that include a CEO, Pulitzer Prize winner, former head of the Christian Coalition, and the former White House Political Director. But you pulled it off with flying colors!

Thanks to your attention to detail and your time commitment, we have had outstanding interviews on CNN, MSNB, Fox, Politically Incorrect, just to name a few ...

... Carl Bernstein, Justin Dangel, Randy Tate, and Craig Smith would also like to thank you for your guidance and persistence to the pursuit of excellence."

- Karen Lechner, Vice President of Marketing VOTER.com

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Testimonial 48

"I just had to share with you that I was asked to present, at the last moment, at a major Global brand Marketing forum with 40 countries both live and on virtual webcast on a new launch product.
Results: It was amazing! The feedback I got from around the world and from the entire Global product team (including communication folks) was that I was “flawless” and “absolutely impressive”- they couldn’t believe how well it went and were shocked with how I managed to tie in all the business strategy with practical examples, was very clear , confident and funny and that I managed to engage virtually along with the live audience."

- Sangeeta ShahAstraZeneca

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Testimonial 40

"Jeff Ansell provided over 50 of our spokespeople the training they needed to adeptly handle the media in a broad range of situations. Many of those trained by Jeff – from the most senior executives to directors to managers - left the Games commenting that his training was the most valuable learning they had ever taken. He is, quite simply, the best."

- Renee Smith-Valade, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics
and Paralympic Winter Games

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Testimonial 36

"Jeff's two-day sessions promised to prepare a CEO to communicate confidently with media and achieve excellence in speeches and public speaking appearances. His course far outperformed his promise and my expectations. It enabled me to realize how much room for improvement there was in my delivery and handling of all media situations. Rating ****"

- François de Gaspé Beaubien, Telemedia Publishing

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Testimonial 35

"... I can safely say it was the most useful training course I have ever taken, far better than the usual array of time scheduling and motivational blather that we typically receive in industry. Your course was hard-hitting, impactful and most of all -- relevant. The techniques you taught me and the information you provided will be of use to me virtually every day."

- Bev Buckton, Toshiba

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