Testimonial 40

"Jeff Ansell provided over 50 of our spokespeople the training they needed to adeptly handle the media in a broad range of situations. Many of those trained by Jeff – from the most senior executives to directors to managers - left the Games commenting that his training was the most valuable learning they had ever taken. He is, quite simply, the best."

- Renee Smith-Valade, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics
and Paralympic Winter Games

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Testimonial 36

"Jeff's two-day sessions promised to prepare a CEO to communicate confidently with media and achieve excellence in speeches and public speaking appearances. His course far outperformed his promise and my expectations. It enabled me to realize how much room for improvement there was in my delivery and handling of all media situations. Rating ****"

- François de Gaspé Beaubien, Telemedia Publishing

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Testimonial 35

"... I can safely say it was the most useful training course I have ever taken, far better than the usual array of time scheduling and motivational blather that we typically receive in industry. Your course was hard-hitting, impactful and most of all -- relevant. The techniques you taught me and the information you provided will be of use to me virtually every day."

- Bev Buckton, Toshiba

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Testimonial 31

"In one of Jeff's four hour sessions I learned more about effective, professional communications than I did in four years of communications studies at a highly credited University. Jeff's expertise, passion for communicating with poise, skill and dignity, and his compassion for people who are learning to get over their fears of speaking to the media, provide a value that is unmatched by any other media training available."

- David Bauer, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

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