Testimonial 70

I have to admit that I had some anxiety coming in that day, having done other media training where I know the pressure of having to perform and evaluating one’s own mistakes in front of everyone.  So, you met all my expectations!  But you also blew them away, as it was definitely an intensive and productive morning – the best I’ve ever experienced.  I learned lots – we all laughed and cried lots too (wasn’t sure I was expecting that!).  I feel more ready than ever to get out there now – I told Mathieu today that I just want to get on it, and go and use these newfound skills and tools to promote our message and get our story out.   While it was an exhausting session (didn’t help I hadn’t slept the night before thanks to Air Canada), it was also an exhilarating one. 

The morning was much more than I anticipated – you guys are the best!

Owen Charters
President & CEO | Président et directeur général

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada | Repaires jeunesse du Canada

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