Testimonial 71

I would like to thank you for this amazing session! Honestly, this is the first time I have had such a pragmatic and constructive training in such a short time where I can see progress almost instantly. I did practice it on my way back yesterday as I was presenting to my whole division: Hands were better, eye contact better but still need to slow down and pause… breathing did help as well as jumping in the restrooms before😊 Awkward, hopefully no one came in!

I really enjoyed the whole morning and looking forward to reading your book Jeff

Eric Holenka| EVP Corporate

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"I have just completed the Communicating with Confidence course, and it is unbelievable! I always speak too fast and making a presentation is my nightmare because although I prepare amazing content, when it comes to communicating it to an audience, I am simply terrible at it.  I am already feeling much more confident and accomplished!  A big thank you from a marketing professional who speaks English as a second language."

-Irmak Parlat Yilmaz

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Testimonial 62 - Presentation Training - Michael Leswick

I thought you might be interested that I had the opportunity to act as MC for an internal group conference last week with two thousand colleagues in the audience. It felt amazing and I received tons of positive feedback. 

I just thought I should let you know that our work has had a really positive impact on my career.  While I was appropriately nervous before the show I was able to use some of the tips and tactics I learned from you to do a really solid job.  Thank you!

- VP Canadian Bank

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Copy of Testimonial 14

Hands down the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding internal training course I've attended.  Active engagement was maintained by the instructors for the entire duration of the training - this was due to very effective and relevant facilitation, stimulating content and challenging expectations for personalized application of the learning principles during the session.  Excellent course.”

- Infrastructure Ontario

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Testimonial 15

"The feedback I have received from my colleagues from the session has been excellent and immediately applicable. We could actually see throughout the day as individuals became more familiar with the techniques. By the end of the day the improvement in each of us with presentation and voice skills was quite amazing compared to where we had started."

- Chris Cartwright, Ontario Medical Association

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