Testimonial 49

"It is not easy to coordinate personalities that include a CEO, Pulitzer Prize winner, former head of the Christian Coalition, and the former White House Political Director. But you pulled it off with flying colors!

Thanks to your attention to detail and your time commitment, we have had outstanding interviews on CNN, MSNB, Fox, Politically Incorrect, just to name a few ...

... Carl Bernstein, Justin Dangel, Randy Tate, and Craig Smith would also like to thank you for your guidance and persistence to the pursuit of excellence."

- Karen Lechner, Vice President of Marketing VOTER.com

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Testimonial 48

"I just had to share with you that I was asked to present, at the last moment, at a major Global brand Marketing forum with 40 countries both live and on virtual webcast on a new launch product.
Results: It was amazing! The feedback I got from around the world and from the entire Global product team (including communication folks) was that I was “flawless” and “absolutely impressive”- they couldn’t believe how well it went and were shocked with how I managed to tie in all the business strategy with practical examples, was very clear , confident and funny and that I managed to engage virtually along with the live audience."

- Sangeeta ShahAstraZeneca

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