Testimonial 68

"I want to thank you for your amazing presentation at our Leadership Conference. From the moment you began to speak, we were riveted to your every word. Your construction of the workshop was amazing and I know we all learned a great deal from your expertise. With my sincere thanks for a very relevant presentation with tangible solutions."

-Deborah Burrowes, Amica Vancouver

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Testimonial 23

Thank you once again for an absolutely fabulous presentation. Responses from our attendees... “Jeff was GREAT - told stories gave tools." "EXCELLENT - Jeff Ansell was a spectacular speaker!" "Jeff was dynamic, topical, valuable. Amazing value." "Jeff is possibly one of the best speakers that I have had the privilege to listen to."

- Loretta Biscaro Smith, Genesis Executive Management Inc.

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Testimonial 21

"Jeff, everyone at our seminar had very positive remarks - including, "this was the best one yet." It was nice to see the "light bulbs" actually turn on with people leaving energized and armed with a whole new thought process on communicating. You did a fantastic job of breaking down the 5 keys to good communication and relating it in a way that is meaningful to every person who sat in our audience today."

- Kristin Laconi, Atlanta Business Builders

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Testimonial 19

IABC staff and I would like to "Thank You" again for your participation in the 2012 World Conference. Your presentation was ranked #1 out of 86 other Presenters!

- "Jeff is a fabulous presenter. I always leave his sessions feeling organized and empowered!"
- "Really like that it wasn’t a power point presentation. Jeff drove home a few powerful points and energized us at the end of a long day."
- "Best session ever. Wonderfully presented and highly transparent and sincere."
- "Superb - I'm buying the book now!"

- Charles Herrick, 2012 IABC World Conference

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