When the Headline is YOU

Media Training Program


Knowing what to say and how to say it isn’t always easy when confronted with challenging questions. 

Communicating with Confidence

Presentation Training Program


Learn valuable, easy to implement techniques for use every time you speak.

Dealing with Difficult Questions

Training Program


Discover response strategies to engage and influence others when confronting tough, unexpected questions.

Spokesperson Coaching Program

Quarterly Program


Keep your skills sharp. Test your messages. Focus on emerging issues. 

Quick Refresher Program

Quarterly Follow-Ups

A great way to rehearse upcoming presentations and practice online, TV, radio and print media interviews.

The Perfect Interview

Content Creation Program


Feature your executives online engaging employees, customers and media.


Coaching Program

Learn how to prepare your colleagues to be successful media communicators.


Book top-rated speaker Jeff Ansell for your event


Jeff shares stories, strategies & insights, revealing the secrets to being a great communicator.

When the Headline is YOU Book

By Jeff Ansell


Proven techniques to speak with impact, respond to challenging questions & deliver powerful messages.

Lynda.com Video Series

Communicating with Confidence

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Tips, techniques & tools to instantly be a better communicator.