When the Headline is YOU

Learn how to frame your media narrative before others do it for you.

In today’s media environment, knowing how to properly answer difficult questions from reporters and key stakeholders requires special skill. Communications expert and former award-winning journalist Jeff Ansell reveals a unique and proven process to to successfully manage all manner of media encounters.

When the Headline is YOU is a guide to safeguarding your reputation, especially when public trust is jeopardized.

Communicating with Confidence

How we communicate means the difference between success and failure.

Presentation skills expert Jeff Ansell reveals a unique process to dramatically improve your personal presentation style within minutes.  Jeff’s simple, yet powerful techniques allow you to be more articulate, have greater influence and successfully deliver meaningful messages in meetings, presentations and one-on-one conversations. 

Communicating with Confidence™ offers a plan and a path to instantly be a better communicator.



Following each keynote, Jeff is available to conduct a highly interactive 2.5-hour training session, offering attendees opportunities for hands-on coaching.