'The Accountant of Auschwitz' Premiere

The Canadian International Documentary Festival runs in Toronto April 26 – May 6 and the documentary I’m featured in premieres April 29th. The film is called The Accountant of Auschwitz and it’s about Oscar Groning, who in 2015 went on trial for the murder of 300,000 Jews. Matthew Shoychet, director of the documentary, included me in the film because of the work I did as an investigative reporter, exposing two Nazi war criminals living the good life in Toronto. One of the Nazis, SS master sergeant Helmut Rauca, formerly of Willowdale, killed 11,500 Lithuanian Jews. When I found Rauca, I told Canadian government officials they had 7 days to arrest him and if they didn’t – I would tell the world this Nazi war criminal was in Canada and that the Canadian government let him live as a free man, despite the blood on his hands. Within 4 days Rauca was arrested and sent back to Germany for trial.

Here’s info on the premiere of The Accountant of Auschwitz.