5 TIPS to be a Better Speaker

If you want to be a better speaker and spokesperson you need to deliver your story one point at a time and not confuse reporters or your audience with multiple layers of information.

Keep it simple. How you speak can be as important as the words you use. Modulate your voice and don’t speak in a monotone. Breathe life into your voice.

Demonstrate your confidence by looking into the reporter’s eyes. Don’t stare them down, instead engage the journalist in a friendly, businesslike manner. Use your eyes and body language to emphasize your words, and be careful to not send mixed messages. For example, don’t say yes and shake your head no, or avert your eyes when you make a statement.

Slow down too. Rushing your words makes it sound like you’re nervous. Put space between your thoughts so the reporter has time to absorb your information, and also so you can buy a little time to think ahead.

5 Important Tips from Jeff Ansell to help you be a Better Speaker

1. Focus on one thought at one time

2. Use inflection and emphasize words to strengthen your message

3. Have meaningful eye contact with the interviewer

4. Use your eyes to match your tone

5. Pause to be thoughtful