5 Essential Tips for Spokespeople


It sounds simple, but the reflexive thing to do when you’re nervous is to hold your breath in preparation for fight or flight! If you breath you’ll bring oxygen to your brain and think more clearly. It will help you concentrate on what you should be saying as you say it.

Use your hands to animate your speech. Don’t be scared to move around a bit and hold your hands up in an open gesture, palms facing forward to help put the reporter at ease. Speak with conviction, but don’t be arrogant. A spokesperson has to convince a reporter that they fully believe the words that leave their lips, because if you don’t believe it, they won’t either.

Here are the last 5 communication tips for spokespeople when being interviewed by a reporter. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions or need more information.

Be well,

Jeff Ansell

Remember …

1. Breathe, especially when listening to or answering a difficult question

2. Focus on what you’re talking about as you talk

3. Use your hands to help you talk

4. Look like you mean it!

5. Say it like you mean it!