Allegations, Disarming Statements of Contrition, and Social Media's Part in it All

Louis C.K.s expression of contrition threw many people for a loop.

Since the anti sexual harassment campaign ramped up, offering new names every day, we've been hearing responses involving denials and threats of legal action. Louis' response was almost disarming. 

There is absolutely no excuse for behaviour that may in fact be criminal.  What Weinstein, Ratner and Spacey are accused of doing is heinous, no doubt.

But what about allegations against others that may simply stem from mischief making - like current claims against Jeffrey Tambor? 

All it takes to destroy a life these days is an allegation - truthful or otherwise - that can go literally go back decades. 

Recently, a British cabinet minister resigned because in 2002 he touched a woman's knee. Inappropriate as that may be and presuming that's all he did, does that justify ending his career?

Social media (a curse more than a blessing) swiftly produces a groundswell of indignation that immediately writes people off and vilifies them in all ways possible - be they guilty or not. Whatever happened to due process?